I'm new here...

Recently, maybe since last December, around my birthday (Dec. 9th), I emerged from a deep funk. When I say I'm new here, what I mean is, I am new in this skin. My days now begin with morning meditation & gratitude, occasional yoga, and meds. That's not how life has always been. I have a history of depression and anxiety. I'm still working to uproot childhood/adolescent traumas that show up in the way I interact with myself and others. Waking up used to be such a daunting task and usually didn't happen until after morning. But now I sleep easy, looking forward to my morning time.

Mary is the name I was given at birth (Mary Ellen actually). It is the personality that I grew into unconsciously, I guess. I'm still working on figuring out her identity. Someone you will get to know is Malcolm (I am also getting to know him), my masculine presenting energy. You'll be hearing from him as well. If I had to choose a gender identity I wouldn't. I believe that we are all created with divine duality, both masculine and feminine energies.

Here you can expect weekly random & intentional thoughts, stories, convos and Q&A's with YOU, my followers and supporters about spirituality. I'm going on a journey and I'd like for you to come with me. Let's talk about your thoughts, comments, questions.

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