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    My Fabulous Disease - Mark s king

    "The team behind the 20th Anniversary Community Summit, being held in Atlanta this weekend and sponsored by ViiV Healthcare, knew how to open the event today on exactly the right foot. The first words attendees heard were the poetry of Mary Bowman, delivered by the award-winning spoken word artist herself. She is a poet and a woman living with HIV and her talent brings chills. Her delivery only adds to the experience."


    Mark S. King

    My Fabulous Disease Blog

    A&U Magazine

    "On the page, as this excerpt shows, the power of Bowman’s words sparks thoughts and feelings—the heat of melancholy, the heat of empathy; on the stage, the power of her words makes you want to dip your torch in hers and run around like an Olympic bearer, rallying others to join in the celebration and the critique."

    Chael Needle

    Managing Editor A&U Magazine

    POZ Magazine

    "I want to de-stigmatize the entertainment world, to show little girls that grew up like me—who didn’t see anybody who had HIV doing what I wanted to do—that they can achieve whatever they want to do." -Mary Bowman


    Interview By Casey Halter

    POZ Magazine

    George Mason University: FOURTH STATE

    "Valuing and embracing our imperfections is the bravest thing we will ever do, Bowman explained, but first, we have to accept the dandelions that we are."

    Savannah Norton
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